Reliability-Diversity Built to Each Client

Businesses rank RELIABILITY as the most important factor regarding their Internet and voice services. At NetDiverse, we build solid, reliable, and diverse network foundations using our unique system. We connect each client site using two different connections to ensure continuous access in the event of an outage.

When your Network, Internet and Voice Services are always available, your organization can maximize its productivity.

Custom/Tailored Solutions-Custom Engineered

Rather than attempting to fit your organization to our services (putting you in a “product box”), we engineer custom solutions based on your specific needs using the technology that makes the most sense given your situation.

Every business is unique and NetDiverse has the tools to create the perfect network for your business. We engineer custom solutions based on your needs using the ideal technology. There is no such thing as “one­ size ­fits all” with us!

When a solution fits just right, life is simpler and you only pay for what you need.

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Owner Operated With Decades of Experience

At NetDiverse the owners and investors are hands-on with the company every single day. As an owner operated business, our priority is to provide the most value to you, our customers, with the best service possible. Whether we customize a solution for a client or just provide the the basics, we don’t have to answer to an investor group, shareholders, or a manager behind closed doors. We do what is right for the client and we do it fast and efficiently. Our goal is no less than 100% customer satisfaction!

“After 20 years working for large investor and debt funded telecommunications companies, we decided to start NetDiverse and are happy to experience a new balance where customer needs truly come first.” -­Gary Nieboer, Co-Founder NetDiverse

Customer Focused Friendly Terms

At NetDiverse our service agreements are short, fair, and transparent. We created them so that we would be comfortable in our customer’s shoes.
We retain our customers for many, many years. We provide world class service and keep current with technology. We don’t bury auto­renewal clauses in our contracts to allow our clients to decide what is best for them. We stand behind our product, our people, and service performance with service level guarantees that are unmatched in the industry.

NetDiverse delivers peace of mind to our clients by charging only those taxes, surcharges, and fees that align with local, state and federal governments. We typically save our customers 10% or more compared to our competition, who charge extra fees to pad their bottom line.



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Our Customers Love Us

Thanks for everything you are doing to provide such a smooth transition for all our offices! I’m feeling great about our partnership with NetDiverse!!!!

Deanna Scales, Tenco Services, Inc.

We purchased services from NetDiverse because of the network design, redundancy and value. We recommend NetDiverse due to their great value and because of the exceptional service we received during and after the implementation of our services.

Leesa Nobel, Spartan Securities Group, Ltd.