Customer Proprietary Network Information

Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI is the information that NetDiverse gathers about its customers 1) that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, and amount of use of telecommunications services subscribed to by its customers, and that is made available to NetDiverse by the customer solely by virtue of the carrier-customer relationship; and 2) information contained in the bills pertaining to telephone exchange service or telephone toll service received by a customer of a carrier. CPNI does not include subscriber list information.

Customer Privacy

NetDiverse offers various communications-related service, including local VoIP and long distance VoIP service, and telecommunications equipment. In order to better serve your communication needs, from time to time we would like to share and/or utilize your CPNI across product groups within NetDiverse. NetDiverse may also share your CPNI on a limited, as-needed basis with trusted agents and independent contractors that assist NetDiverse in providing you with communication-related services. These parties share a duty to protect your CPNI. Our use of CPNI may enhance our ability to offer products and services tailored to your specific needs. NetDiverse will not sell your CPNI to third parties without the appropriate authorization from you, or a law enforcement agency or court of law.

Customer Rights

CPNI is subject to federal and certain state laws and regulations. NetDiverse is fully committed to complying with these CPNI laws and regulations. You have the right to protection of your confidential information and NetDiverse has the duty to protect that information.

If you prefer that NetDiverse not use, disclose, or allow access to your CPNI to offer you our communications-related products and services to which you do not already subscribe, you may “opt-out” – that is, you may direct us not to make these disclosures across additional product lines within NetDiverse. Your decision to opt-out will not affect the provision of any services to which you currently subscribe. You may opt-out at any time by contacting the NetDiverse. Your approval or denial of approval for the use of CPNI is valid until such time as your telephone services are discontinued or you affirmatively revoke or limit such approval or denial. If you choose to opt-out, NetDiverse’s ability to offer you certain services to which you do not currently subscribe, including promotions and cost-saving bundled services, may be limited.

How to Contact Us to Opt-Out

If you wish to opt-out you may do so in the following ways:

  • In writing to NetDiverse at the following address

NetDiverse, LLC.
Attn: CPNI
825 N 300 W
Suite C-149
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

  • By phone 877-763-1014 or fax 801-657-5491 to the NetDiverse Customer Service department
  • Email to