Reasonable commercial business outbound Long Distance Usage to most areas in the Continental United State is included with Hosted VoIP Telephone Service. Outbound long distance usage beyond 700 minutes per extension, average call duration of less than 1 minute, or use of auto-dialer systems are examples of unreasonable use.

SIP Trunking Services do not include reasonable outbound long distance charges unless they are specifically provided for on a NetDiverse Sales Order executed between the Client and NetDiverse.

Calls to areas outside the Continental United States or calls without properly formatted CallerID for Local DIDs provided to Client by NetDiverse will be rated at 10 cents per minute OR twice the charge for long distance service from our vendors, whichever is greater.

For Inbound Toll Free Usage: The Standard Usage Rate is provided on the clients’ Sales Order. If no rate is provided, the rate is 5 cents per minute. The Sales Order rate or standard rate only applies to Inbound Calls to the Toll Free Number from valid 10 digit DIDs from the Continental United States.

Inbound Toll Free calls from Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, Canada, Mexico, other countries, Toll Free telephone numbers (Calling Parties using Toll Free Numbers for Caller ID are considered invalid), or other invalid or blocked DIDs will be rated as follows: 10 cents per minute OR two times the rate charged to NetDiverse by our upstream carriers, whichever is greater.